Happy Friday: Books, Blog Love, and Collab

Happy Friday y’all! Although for me it’s always Friday since the days keep running together. Today on the blog I just wanna keep it short and sweet. Starting with the amazing books I got in the mail yesterday from Amazon: Jennifer Lopez’ True Love and Sarah Morgan’s The Bad Ass Blog Planner. Let me just say that JLO’s book is so good, I’m already on page 50 or something. I had to force myself to not keep reading it because it sucked me right in!

I posted this pic on IG and tagged Sarah Morgan because she made the awesome blog planner. A few minutes later she tags me and makes this shout out:

My pic made it to her collage! It’s in the middle at the top in case you were wondering. I’m gonna be working on that blog planner sometime today to get me ahead of the game for next week.

Meet my new business partner Junny! We’re collaborating together on social media and I’m helping her launch her website/blog. This was taken yesterday while we met up for a quick bite.

Also if I may add that this was the only time I put on makeup for the day and even though it was raining, it managed to stay on and not run down my face. That would not have been cute.

In case you missed yesterday’s post about being a caged tigress.

That’s all I have for Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend loves!