Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!!! I feel like yesterday was America’s birthday because my friend and I celebrated with Margaritas and there was music blasting on the patio, drunk people dancing, an air show with cool airplanes, and the grand finale; FIREWORKS! I took plenty of pictures of the fireworks with my Canon, but I don’t have much time to upload them so I’ll post them in my Facebook page when I get around to it.

I love nachos and Chuy’s doesn’t disappoint. We went to the new location in Addison and it was so delicious.

My girl and I taking the obligatory selfie after we had about round 3 of Coronaritas. 
This year is a bit different since my mom is in Spain for her school {she’s a teacher} and my dad is always working so that leaves me another year in a row where I don’t really get to spend it with family. Last year I think I went to a house party and got so chocolate wasted that when I got home I slept and totally missed the fireworks.

So today I’m crashing a BBQ and of course I don’t know anyone there except my friend Heather {Dallas Single Mom} who was kind enough to take pity on my dateless ass and invited me. I’m looking forward to a good ol’ BBQ and meeting new people is always fun.

I got my engraveable necklace in the mail yesterday and my friend even liked it and she took this pic of it. If you wanna order your own personalized engraveable comment below or email me. These are not available until August to the public but if you order it with me you can get it asap.

I don’t usually listen to country music, there’s only a handful of artists I listen to and Lady Antebellum is definitely one of them. I leave you with one of their songs that I love and feel it’s fitting for 4th of July. Well, at least Spotify put it on their Independence Day list and I concur.

I hope you guys have a great 4th of July! Enjoy it with your friends and family, be safe, and don’t miss the fireworks.