Goodbye August, You Wore Me Out

Is it just me or did August seem like a super long month? I wasn’t going to blog today, but I figured why wouldn’t I since today it’s my 16th post for the month. Honestly, this is the most posts I’ve done the entire year and it all took place in August. Go figure.

Thinking back on it though, a lot happened. I started my new job and just now finishing up training this week. I met great people I work with and have gotten to know them well. I was able to make an impossible trip down to Galveston for a wedding weekend. Joined the dating app where I virtually met The Marine, since we never had a chance to meet in person. {Today makes exactly 30 days since I met him.}

But mainly I learned a lot about myself and what I will do to make myself happy and keep it that way. One thing I won’t do is settle with excuses as to why someone can’t make the time or effort to meet me in person. That in and of itself is absolutely ridiculous. This weekend I had a chance to breathe again and then suddenly on Monday afternoon The Marine texts me he misses me.

That stupid text was all it took to set me back a hundred steps. I made progress by not thinking about him as much and once I got that text, I was back to thinking of him constantly. Then by him not saying anything else, I almost felt as if it was a checklist he had and then poof! only to disappear again. When he called me yesterday, nothing he said made me feel better about the situation. I just felt completely alone and there’s no getting through to this person. Things are just not the same anymore and I can’t trust anything he says. So I’m gonna close this chapter once and for all.

The one good thing I learned is that I can still find someone I can have a connection with and I didn’t think that could happen again. It does make me sad that this person isn’t the one I thought I could get to know better, but it takes two. One person can’t be wanting to meet halfway while the other just stands there like a dummy.

Now that September is about to start I cannot wait for fall with the cooler weather, fall activities one can get into and of course my 34th birthday in October as well as my cousin’s wedding.

Got my nails done when I got back from my trip. You know I was mad I didn’t even get a chance to handle that, but whatever.

Mercury is now in retrograde as of yesterday all the way through 9/22. So that being said, check out this site that gives you a good breakdown of what to avoid these next 3 weeks. One of the things it said to stay away from is travel. So I think that’s a sign for me not to go to San Antonio looking for a guy who’s probably got a secret wife life.

For now I’m gonna keep enjoying my nights in during the week where I take small naps and devour some wings with chili queso. Winning!

Happy humpday y’all! Stay blessed ♥︎♥︎♥︎