First Christmas

Christmas is just two days away and I couldn’t be happier. All week I have been scrambling after work to complete my Christmas To Do List. I’m about 80% done and still got a few things to finish up.

Even though Nestor has told me not to get him anything for Christmas, I still feel like I have to get him something. If I don’t, I will feel like an asshole. He’s quite the romantic and told me he already has what he wanted for Christmas; me. All the while I’m wondering, what if it’s a trick? I don’t want to find out it was and Christmas comes with me empty handed and embarrassed. I’ll think of something, I always figure it out.

The other day we went to the mall and bought Christmas presents. It was mostly me shopping and since I haven’t gone on a shopping spree in months, I pretty much bought a lot of stuff for myself. Isn’t that how it works out sometimes? I got makeup (which I badly needed) from Sephora, a 3 wick candle from Bath & Body; also got my mom one. I needed some winter clothes too and it did help that American Eagle Outfitters had a 40% off sale (thanks Helene!) so I went bonkers.

We went to Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth the next day, and boy is the Christmas decoration on point. They have this beautiful ginormous decorated Christmas tree which sparkled, and a lit fountain display coming up out of the ground.

It’s been years since I last came to this side of town, so I felt like quite the tourist in Funky Town.

We got some Starbucks to get warm and then took the perfect picture in front of the Christmas tree and pretty fountains. We also had dinner at Razzoo’s and the food never disappoints. Walking around Sundance was magical and the feeling in the air was so festive and bright.

I am just so full of happiness and joy that I am where I am now in my life and I just want to be present and absolutely savor it. This is Nestor and I’s first Christmas and it’s an exciting and special time for us. We’re experiencing things with each other we haven’t experienced before and I love that. You start to realize that even though you’ve had a past, none of it pales in comparison to your present. Everything is fresh and new as we get to know each other and learn from one another.

It really is an adventure we’re embarking on and I’m happily on board. I don’t want to get off this cloud 9 I’m on. It’s amazing.

I hope you guys have a lovely weekend with your loved ones. Merry Christmas! Be safe and if you’re on my Snap, stay tuned for what I end up getting NesTea. Any suggestions, I’m open to them!