Finally Got That Damn Kylie Lip Kit!

Never have I ever been so freaking excited to buy something makeup related on a website like I did yesterday with Kylie’s restock of her lip kits! Not even when Mac would come out with the Rihanna lippies and all that jazz, I wouldn’t even blink an eye. However, yesterday I made sure that I would be right by the computer so that I could snag my very own damn lip kit!

I admit I almost bought 3 shades like a crazy person, but logic stepped in and I knew better than to SPLURGE on something as crazy as a lipstick that costs $29. Even though it comes with a lip liner, this is still just makeup. I figured that I would eventually own all shades so when I do have all of them (like a crazy person), I won’t feel buyer’s remorse because I ended up spending two benjamins at once on all these damn shades.

I wanted to get Mary Jo K, but that one is still sold out. So the ones that were being restocked yesterday were Candy K, Dolce K, Koko K, Posie K, Kourt K and the new glosses: Like, Literally and So Cute. I wanted to get Candy K, Posie K and Literally, but logic took over and no can do.

I went online and dug around some YouTube videos to see which shades were the most popular that YouTubers liked and Candy K was hands down the winner. I know that Kylie’s favorite shade when they first came out was Candy K, so I figured why not. For having my cherry popped with getting the lip kits, might as well get the first one of the three that she first came out with right?

I still want True Brown K, Posie K, Mary Jo K, and Literally gloss.

So as I said, I got Candy K and it’s the perfect pinky nude lipstick. I can’t wait to get it!

When I was on the site, I was on there the minute it opened at 3pm CST and man I rushed so fast to put Candy K in my cart to check out. Then a window popped up letting me know that I am waiting in line to check out and not to refresh or I lose my place in line! Eek!! After 5 minutes, I started to panic because I was scared that something bad would happen and it would say something along the lines of “Sorry girl, we’re sold out bye!

After 10 more minutes of waiting my screen refreshed and I hurried up and started typing in my address. I was so anxious that I started mistyping every single word of my street and I was like what is wrong with me?! get it together Bella! Finally I hit submit and voila! Order was completed and the birds of the air started chirping for joy just like I was.

I’m just really excited for her upcoming metal matte lipstick shades! From left to right: Reign, King K and Heir. I am in love with these! I would love to try the gold one for sure, but Reign really speaks to me.

I’ll be sure to do a review of my single like a pringle lip kit in the shade of Candy K. Kylie is wearing it below and I can’t help but think that if I was 18 and looked like this, I would like to find a time machine stat! #thestruggle

Hey girl hey! Which of these shades are you coveting? Have you bought the Lip Kits? What has been your experience so far?

Update: I just found a Bustle article that goes step by step on what to do to get your hands on a “KLK”, and to my surprise I did every single step! I must be a genius!! I should’ve done a how to guide like they did, but you can just check it out here