DIY: Crocheting

I miss being creative, and although I’m not the crafty type of person, the times that I have decided to be crafty have really impressed me, and gave me that sense of accomplishment. So I yearn for that feeling, and I decided I’m gonna learn how to crochet. I have a few ideas already, and my mom is really good at being crafty, sewing, and crocheting, which I plan on asking her to show me the ropes. I think I have that gene from her but it hasn’t yet manifested.

This winter, I want to make scarfs, leg warmers, hand warmers, hats, belts and maybe even a cute outfit for my doggie Sebastian. Besides my love for shoes, these accessories I’ll make are my next best love for the winter season. I can’t wait to show you guys what I create!

This was him last night while I watched a scary movie {Case 39}

I wonder what he was dreaming about 🙂