Dating Shouldn’t Be Complicated

In this day and age, it still never ceases to amaze me how complicated dating has become. The funny thing is, is that it shouldn’t be complicated. It can be as simple as this:

Boy meets girl.
Boy asks girl out.
Boy plans the date and picks girl up.
Boy lets her know he wants to see her again.
Boy texts and calls her consistently.
Boy takes her out a few more times.
Boy courts her.
Bam! Boy falls in love with girl and the rest is history.

Simple right? I honestly wish this is what dating would be like, but instead it is so complicated that I can’t seem to figure this puzzle out. Instead you are faced with men who want to be chased, because they are too insecure to take that first step. If they do, however, get past that and show with their actions that they like you then that’s progress. What I often find is that after awhile, you hear from them less and less.

Talk about awkward when you see them again because we both know they dropped the ball. What I have a problem with is when they, without a doubt, try to turn the tables on you and make it seem like YOU dropped the ball.

I know I mentioned I was dating the guy I met at the dealership I got my car from recently, but that failed miserably. I’m still not sure why it went down the way it did. I happened to see him last week since I went to pick up my license plates and we briefly talked. Can you believe he asked me why I haven’t contacted him? Well, neither can I because it’s preposterous.

Communication is a two way street! I just responded with how lately I always texted him first and he would respond with short answers. After awhile, what’s a girl like me to think? He’s just not interested and this is lame. So it’s been a whole week since I last heard from him and he asks why I didn’t text him? The gentleman thing for him to have done was for him to say something along the lines of, “Hey I’m sorry I haven’t texted you, how you been?” Take responsibility for your actions or lack thereof.

You would think that he would text me after seeing me and it’s now been a whole week and no word from him. I’m glad though because I’m not going to play games and it seems that he’s the game playing type.

The other day I got a text from Rico. If y’all remember, he was one of the guys I dated briefly over a year and a half ago. We never reconnected, but we kept things friendly. So here I was chillin at home minding my business when he texts me out of nowhere and lets me know he’s in NOLA. The whole time I’m wondering why is he texting me while he’s out of town at a bachelor party?

So I asked him if something is wrong because he says something like, “I’ll try to have fun, buuuut IDK”. Who says that? especially in a party town? I asked him if he misses me and he says “do you?”, just being extremely vague. I said, “I ask because you’re texting me while you’re in NOLA”. He responds with “Never mind, it’s cool”. I ran out of patience you guys and got a little sassy with him by saying “You know what, it is cool and unless you’re gonna spit out what you’re wanting to say, don’t even bother texting me”.

To that, he responded with crying laughing face emojis. I was furious at his nonchalant response. Are you for real dude? So I went in on him and told him with my spiteful, Scorpio mean ways; “You are so pathetic, texting me while you’re out of town.. acting like a little bitch“. That must’ve shocked him because there were no emojis to be found and he says, “Wow.. smh.. bitter”. I told him “Not bitter! Just had enough of you always talking in code. No grown woman has time for that. You only have one life, you either say what’s on your mind or you don’t. So I told you what’s on my mind because you play games. Blocking you on Snapchat and iMessage. Peace!

Boom! – Shakalaka!

I might have gone a little overboard, but I guess the frustration with this guy has built up over time that I didn’t get why he reached out, only to say never mind, it’s cool. If things were cool, I would have much rather not heard from him and see his stupid texts on my phone. If it has no purpose then, poof! Be gone! Puh-leeeeease!!!

While it should be as simple as black and white, dating is and I think will always be complicated because of all these different scenarios that have happened to me. Like they say “onto the next one” because why dwell over one fish in a sea of many. I’m starting to think my future husband has passed away/was never born or if he’ll be in a form of a cute little dog that will be in my future. If he could look like Jiff Pom, I would be set.

All I need in this life of sin, is me and my Jiff Pom <3