Date Night At The Gym

Aww shucks! I went to the gym last night all pumped up hoping to see my new crush and I regret to inform y’all that he was a no show. It really sucks too because I won’t be at the gym tonight since I gotta get my nails done and I need to give my body a break since I have already worked out 4 times this week, yay! *pats myself on the back*

As soon as I got to the gym, I spotted Pedro again who lights up like a Christmas tree when he sees me and my heart melts because he has such a baby face, it’s cute. I wave and keep walking up the stairs to head over to my elliptical machine. As I’m walking I notice Mr. Wonderful Immature is also there working up a sweat. I haven’t spoken or seen him since last week when he showed his true sucky self. In case you haven’t heard read, check it out here on what went down.

I caught him smiling and looking down so that must’ve been his reaction after seeing me. Big woop. I purposely pick the machine that is one machine away from him and he starts talking to me. I acknowledge him and then he says “You know this machine is open“, and he’s referring to the one next to him and I look and tell him “I like this one” and keep minding my own. After what happened, he really thinks that I should just jump at everything he says and go to the machine right next to him? Get outta here dude.

He walks off and doesn’t say anything, which does not surprise me. After a few minutes, Pedro walks up the stairs and I see him looking for me and then he spots me and he comes over. How sweet is that? Normally, guys would have just left and not actually come looking for me to say hi. My heart is melting again. So he asks me how I’m doing and I tell him I’m great! just working out! Then after a few minutes of chatting he tells me he’ll leave me to my workout and walks away.

I’m thinking Friday I will go again and work out as my last day until Sunday. I will keep y’all posted if I run into my crush again. Cross your fingers for me.


I gotta show some blogger love to the girl I call my hero for helping me get my blogging mojo back by discovering that blog networking is the lifeblood of blogging…
 I have known this girl for a long time! We met online back in the Livejournal days and I am so happy that she kept blogging and recently as of this year she started Petite Ramblings. I love her blog because not only is she honest {she’s a Boston girl}, she has a BIG heart for animals. You can find her writing about what makes her tick, to recipes that she makes them look divine, to her doing her monthly wine reviews link up because she LOVES wine. So head over to her bloggie and feel free to follow her on the interwebs…

In other news, please check out this lovely girl Emily’s One Year Blogiversary Giveaway from her blog Martinis and Bikinis by clicking on the pic for your chance to win! Good luck!

Until next time, ciao loves!