Confessions: Take My Own Advice? What?

Happy humpday friends! I swear this week feels so odd because it should be Friday already and then you realize nope, it’s only hump-day, yay… {/end sarcasm}

I really am was having one of those days today {yesterday} and it started okay and as I soaked in my wonderful garden tub I started to get really sad. Maybe it was the wine I was drinking, maybe it was my mind racing making comparisons of my life and everyone else’s. Thoughts of me not wanting to do the half marathon anymore. Just losing motivation like it was going out of style.

So this leads me to make a confession.

Sometimes I don’t take my own advice. I give it to others and it sounds awesome rolling off the tongue, but then when it comes to me and my own life, I don’t follow it. What gives?!

One example I can give you is when I last spoke with my little sister and gave her advice, she kept comparing her life with her cousins and it was bumming her out. I explained to her that she just can’t compare her life to someone else because her cousins were brought up differently than the way our parents raised us. I told her comparing only steals your happiness and she needs to be patient and enjoy living in the now.

Wow, why can’t I take my own advice and not compare myself when a friend of mine recently told me she may get a promotion and actually move to another city {Chicago to be exact}. These days I’m comfortable with my job and even my boss knows this because she told me she can tell I’m comfortable. So if I want things to change, I need to snap out of it and actually give a damn about what I’m doing. It’s sometimes hard to get out of that rut though because you get into a routine and you get used to it and don’t want to change. It’s almost like when you find a comfy spot in a nook/couch {insert your comfy happy place here} and you know if you move you’ll have to make yourself fiddle around until you feel you fit inside the mold just right and snugly.

Next month, big things are coming and I need to be patient and live in the now, as I told my sis. I wanted to make my huge announcement today, but things are not ready so I will have to wait {be patient} until I can finally reveal it to y’all. Maybe by Friday I can finally make the announcement.

This cookie spread is so unbelievable! especially when meeting with strawberries, it’s a party!

Lastly, I must confess that I am over Pedro. Yay!! While we talked on the phone yesterday there was a moment where I wanted to just end the conversation and hang up. How rude of me right? That’s how I felt though and that’s how I knew that I’m over this guy. Nothing he ever said last night made me feel any better about our situation and where we are. Sometimes you just can’t force love because like they say, love is like a fart – if you force it, shit comes out.

Ok I’m feeling a little more cheery now… What do you heaux have to confess?! I wanna know!

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