Confessions of a Blogaholic: Rants and Fave Things

On today’s post this is gonna be one helluva confession-y sesh. Parts of what’s going on and rants that come up in my head as of late. Read more confessions?

I hate micromanaging
What I hate more than micromanaging is super balls to the wall micromanaging. I’ve worked at many companies and this is just on a whole ‘nother level folks, it’s sad. I wouldn’t mind it as much if the boss people would talk to us with respect. When the first thing out of their mouth is barking orders instead of saying “Hey, how are you this morning?” We’re humans, not robots! I’m embarrassed for the boss when they act like that to be honest.

What happened to my favorite bloggers?
You guys know what I’m talking about. It seems every other post on my Bloglovin feed is about How to do this and Why do this and Get more followers! Please stop! Not everyone and their mother want to be a huge blog hit or whatever. Sometimes you just want to blog, connect and call it a day. Why does it have to be about getting a following and making money? That shit will come when it comes, don’t force it.

I just miss the personal stories I would read every day and now it’s like blogger robots took over my favorite bloggers. They all sound the same. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat blah-se, blah-se, blah-se. Then there are those other favorite bloggers that just straight up went off the blogosphere and they’re nowhere to be found. (Ahem Whitney).

I’m nosy and I want to know your business. So that’s why I blog the way I do because I think people appreciate real life stories and lessons. I’m really not throwing shade either, I don’t mind those posts every now and then, but when it’s every day? Give me a Kit Kat. {End rant}

Nyx Pore Filler
This product fills in your pores by your nose area so that it looks smooth like a baby’s bottom. When I tell you that I was blown away, I don’t know how many other ways I can say it, but I was. I tried it over my makeup because I couldn’t wait and I just applied it to one side. Right away you could see the difference compared to the other side of my face. I can’t wait to use it again today and for the rest of my life. Only $13.99 at Target… don’t mind if I do.

My favorite Snapchat filters
The makeup ones are awesome! minus the Cruella DeVille looking one, eww. Of course I rocked the Coachella one all this weekend because it’s so cute! Which filters are your fave?

My new car is at the dealership
It’s been making some weird ass noise and it’s really annoying. That’s what I get for not test driving it before I bought it. The only reason why I didn’t get to test drive is because they were detailing it etc. At least they’re going to fix it free of charge and I’m getting a spankin’ new Honda loaner, holla!

Made amends with an old friend
Sometimes you just have to say I’M SORRY and keep it moving. It took me way too long and I mean, better late than never, but I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. Yay! Plus she added me back on Snapchat.

I ordered the new Kylie Metal Lipstick
…and it still hasn’t shipped. It better ship today or else! I got Reign, but wish I would’ve also gotten Heir cuz it’s divine. Next round though, it’s mine!

Going to a party this weekend
I feel so old and not even sure what outfit to pick out for this day time party, but finally going to let my hair down and act like a young person! I’ll be sure not to have a hangover because I seriously ain’t got time to nurse one.

DJ Pauly D is dating
I’m a little crushed because I like him! The gram informed me that he’s dating Aubrey O’Day and I hate to admit it, but they make a really cute couple! It makes me happy to know they found love in a hopeless place show (Famously Single), because since I’m not famous, he had to find someone who shares the spotlight.

That just about wraps it up for me… I feel good, it’s Humpday! It’s almost Fri-yay! How’s your week loves? Any rants/confessions you want to get off your chest? Leave it in the comments.