Confessions of a Blogaholic: Making That Lemonade

After reading this post I found earlier today, I realized that…

Your Journey is Just That… Yours

Once you read it, come back here. It’s never too late to dream and live the life that you’re meant to live. The post might have also added that Selena Quintanilla started her music career as a little girl and she didn’t make it big until two decades later. It takes time for your life to find its purpose.

Also we can add to that list, Caitlyn Jenner. She didn’t realize what her purpose in life was until she transitioned at the age of 64. Little did she know that she would become a leader for transgenders.

When I read that post, it made me feel like it’s okay if I don’t have it all figured out now that I’m 33 years old. I know I’m well on my way and I have the patience to figure it out as I go along. In a way it gave me great relief to not put pressure on myself that I’m not where I want to be, but that as long as I keep on doing what I’m doing, I’ll eventually get there.

My journey so far has been a rollercoaster of sorts. I graduated college at 24, worked odd jobs trying to figure out my career. I became a lifestyle blogger at the age of 29 when I started my dating blog, Dateless in Dallas. Then 3 years later that ended and I started Bella And The City. I know that I am meant to inspire people out there who are going through what I’m going through right now and I’m grateful for that. This blog has allowed me to not only use it as a platform, but it has changed my life in more ways than one.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset and I know that I’m not meant to work for someone else the rest of my life. I think that’s the reason why these sales jobs haven’t worked out for me, or maybe it’s the wrong company. I have opportunities in the works right now for switching to a new job and I’m excited.

All the while, I know that this blog of mine needs to keep going and grow as I’m growing. There are big things coming and I’m determined to see them through. I will make that lemonade out of those lemons life has handed my way.

No longer going to stress myself out over things I have no control over. Instead I will trust God that he will lead me on the path I need to go and I’ll be alright.

Everyone’s journey is different and we shouldn’t compare ourselves because that will rob us of our inner peace and joy. Be patient and you will see your life flourish before your very eyes. I’m here to witness it for you and have you do the same for me.