Bye Thanksgiving:. Hello Christmas~

My mind is blank after Thanksgiving. You could say that it went on vacation because no matter how hard I try to get it to focus, it’s just being stubborn and I don’t know what to do. So since it’s on a blog vacay I guess I will just do a recap of what I’ve been up to these last few days.

Thanksgiving was pretty laid back as I did absolutely nothing but stuff my face with turkey, stuffing, sides and pie. It was glorious. Of course watched the Cowboys game which I was happy they won! I didn’t take that many pics except the one with Nestor.

On Friday after Thanksgiving, I went to the Stars game with Nestor and his son. Yes, my boyfriend is a father and his son is 15. I’m not gonna lie but I was nervous to meet his kid, but after it happened I’m glad that I met him. NesTea is so cute because he wanted me to wear Stars’ gear and got me a Stars hoodie sweatshirt. Now it’s actually one of my favorite hoodies to wear.

Since he spent his days off with his son, I had a lot of much needed ME time.

I had plenty of beauty sleep, started watching Black Mirror on Netflix, which I will have to do a post about it because it was that good. I also started watching Gilmore Girls (Season 1) since I never watched it when it came out for some reason.

I didn’t even drive for 3 straight days. So that tells you I pretty much stayed home and recharged my batteries sorta speak.

Now that Christmas is here, I’ve been listening to Christmas music. I’m also going to decorate my room with Christmas lights since my sister inspired me with her room.

Give me all the salted caramel lattes and I’m a happy girl.

Later this week I’m going to a Maxwell concert with Nestor and it will be our first concert together. I am really looking forward to it because now is the time that we get to do things together and it’s our little adventure. We’re so lucky to have found each other.

I want to share on my blog soon about how we met and so this way you guys can see a little more about me so stay tuned.

How was your Thanksgiving? Have you done any Christmas spirit related things?