Book Review: Text. Love. Power. by Vanessa Taylor

I wish I had read this book a month ago! It answered so many questions that I wish I had known the answer to them as situations were happening to me and unfolding before my eyes. This book was the most helpful read and I will surely put into action the advice that was given. Basically, it revealed that texting is your worst enemy in most occasions. Why? Although texting is convenient when you can’t talk to someone and need to send a quick text message, it is the absolute killer in relationships, and especially dating. I had to think back on previous encounters I had with men where all they would do was text and I never got asked out because of texting. Texting gave birth to this blog and albeit, I’m thankful for this blog, I wouldn’t be dateless today if it were not for me texting back and forth with a guy.

This book talked about how texting is not only impersonal, but it allows for a man to treat a girl casually, and he will think he can conveniently reach her, and the result will be him taking her for granted, and ultimately never asks her out on a date. By her not texting back, if he’s really into her, he will call her if he doesn’t hear back from her, and asks her out on a date. I admit that I would text guys back, especially when meeting them online, and they never asked me out because it didn’t give them any sense of urgency to make an effort by getting my responses, and they never called in the end. My mind was blown when I read this because had I pumped the breaks and waited for them to call me, then they would’ve taken me more seriously.

So as for me, I will not text guys ever again. I will say that I don’t have a texting plan, if they ask how come I didn’t respond to their texts, or I’ll say that I’m busy, or distracted, or I was driving.. the list will go on. I will make myself so unavailable that their mind will be blown! I will even do this with guys I’m not that into just to see if it works. For fellow single gals, I highly recommend that you read this book because it opened up my eyes to the truth that I so desperately needed to know and I know it will help you as well. I give this book 5 stars!
I will keep you posted on my progress as a brand new “hard-to-get-girl” has been born within me.