Bella And The City

I’m a sucker for surprises and boy did I get quite the surprise last night when I was simply “googling” my blog and happened to find a feature of my blog on SMU’s Fashion Media site that I had completely forgotten about. The girl who interviewed me never told me when it would be up so I didn’t think she had published it until I pulled it up. Wow! Go read it {Bella And The City} and then come back to this post because it’s a must read!! #justsayin

Even though it’s been 5 months since I did the interview, to read it now it amazes me just how much my life has changed. For one, I’m no longer at that job they mentioned I was at {I Quit My Job}. Secondly, I’m about to move to downtown Dallas come November where I really will be Bella And The City. I really like the sound of that and may make that my next blog’s name if I ever start dating in Dallas, ha! Not holding my breath on that one either. Lastly, haven’t quite done much with Bellaesque and still unsure about what’s ahead. May just change that one to ‘Bella And The City’ {hmm}.

This fall season so far has changed my life in more ways than I can count, but deep down I know that these changes were overdue and I’m glad things are going to be different. In 24 hours my work office will no longer be in the suburbs, but in the heart of downtown Dallas and I am so excited that October will already start with a big BANG. So long September and hey October! You good lookin’ son of a gun!! God love ya.

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