Are You Blog Worthy?

The other day I had a friend ask me how can she get started on writing a blog and how she had her doubts that she would not know what to write about, let alone have a following. So today I want to answer her questions as well as give you guys my take on how I started my own little blog.

This is one of the fun parts because it doesn’t require a rocket scientist. I’ll admit for some other blog aspects you do have to dig deep in the blogosphere to find your jewel of a diamond, but this one is easy peasy. Pick a theme! It can be anything from beauty // fashion // film // entertainment // do it yourself // art // family // photography // food // travel // lifestyle // fitness // home decor // other.

As for me, I picked the theme of “dating” which falls under the lifestyle or personal category. I felt that I needed a place to be able to document my dating experiences in order to let everyone know that dating really sucks sometimes and to answer the day old question of why is Bella single. Why Bella is Single became my caption. You don’t have to have a caption, but if you have one then brownie points for you. If you don’t, no biggie, maybe your blog title does not need a caption. It all depends on your blog.

You have WordPress // Blogger // Typepad // Tumblr

A few years ago I had a personal blog where I would write about very random things and I didn’t really have a theme so naturally it died after awhile. When I started it I thought by using WordPress at the time I would be able to get used to it since I can figure new things out after a couple of hours. So that was the platform I started off with. Fast forward a couple of years later when I decided to “Add a Blog” to my blogger profile and started using the Designer Template to make my blog layout, I realized I underestimated Blogger. Blogger is so user friendly I highly recommend it especially for a first time blogger.

I remember when I had my other blog on WordPress I would spend not hours, but DAYS trying to work with the coding, HTML, CSS Stylesheets and somehow if I didn’t copy it somewhere else and messed up, I would have to start over because my blog layout would look all wonky and my heart would race and I was in freak out mode! Blogger won’t give you a heart attack and for that I love Blogger that much more. I liked WordPress for a couple of reasons, but WordPress is really for advanced folks who know how to design/develop and have a library of plugins in their back pocket. I also got tired of having to update WordPress to the next version because that’s when shit would hit the fan and certain features you had loaded onto your blog would no longer work. I got exhausted and that was probably one of the main reasons I killed the blog, err maybe the blog killed me? You get my point.

Typepad I only used when Vox died and I exported my blog over to it. I didn’t feel there were as many features as I would have liked to have used especially coming from WordPress so this one I think it’s okay, it just depends on what it is you’re looking for.

Tumblr is a little like Twitter and Instagram had a baby together and some people have made it into a blogging platform. I have a Tumblr, but I don’t use it as a blog. I just like to tumble stuff.

As I had mentioned previously, Blogger has a Designer Template that allows you to change everything from fonts to color to widths of how wide you want your page to be, loading a background and a header, just all those little elements that make up your blog layout {how it looks}.

I use the Watermark Template and customized the shit out of it and for my Bellaesque blog, I used Simple Template. There are many sites out there that have contributed to make my blog what it is today and maybe one day I will write up what they are or do a thank you page, but for now I’m keeping it short and sweet.

Straight and to the point. Write about your life or whatever your heart desires with no holding back on what anyone will say. Definitely have an “About Me” page, a “Contact Me” page and any other page where you want to share something. As for me, I have an About Me page, Guest Posts for when I have someone take over my blog and “guest post”, a link to my Movie Reviews, Advertise etc. Some of these pages will take some time for you to add as time goes on and you have more content on your blog. Even if you don’t feel you have much to say, there is ALWAYS something out there that you can write about.

The past few months I have discovered the blog community because I joined a circle of bloggers and I can’t believe I had this blog for two years before I realized the jewel of a diamond there is in the blogosphere. There are link ups you can join to get your writing juices flowing, reading other bloggers’ blogs will definitely inspire you to write something and at the end of your posts try to come up with a question to ask your readers so that will allow them to communicate and connect with you. In my comments last week is just how my Humpday Confessions link up was born and it has been a success so far! Thanks Kathy, you rock girlfriend!

I’m really happy to hear that I am inspiring others to want to start their own blog. As far as a following, those will come with time and it really shouldn’t be your focus because blogging is a way of life, a way to rant and rave about whatever it is that is bothering you, it’s definitely a stress reliever for me. A way for you to share about the little things that make your day or make you happy and in turn you will find that you are not alone and your readers will feel they are also not alone. It is pretty awesome sauce! and I love my blog and everything that comes along with it.

For you non bloggers, are you blog worthy?

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