7 Things I Just Won’t Do

Because today is Tuesday and I’m still feeling like a case of the Mondays, I decided I’m gonna write a list and call it a day. Also, please don’t take this to heart especially my Xtina picture. I just love her so she had to make an appearance. So here it goes…
I think a few peeps agree with me on this because granted we may not be moms yet, one day we will and we will be so in love with our children, but blogging about being a mom and about my kid is not something I will do. I think being a mom is a full time job and then some, I don’t want to constantly also blog about being a mom too. Blogging is my escape so I won’t shit where I eat. As a side note I do love mommy bloggers and love reading their mommy lives, but it’s better for them to do it and me living vicariously through them than to actually blog about it myself. Hope that made sense, if not move on to my next point.
I haven’t even finished paying my damn student loans so to get further into debt is out of the question! With the time I’m sure I’ll be stressing over grad classes and writing papers, I much rather be somewhere networking at an event with a drink in hand and passing out my fabulous business cards. Yes I’ll have another martini please!
Also goes without saying never buying an American car either. My stepdad lent me his BMW when I was 18 and that sucker left me stranded and broke down for good. I always hear they are expensive to fix and often break down so no thanks! Hondas/Acuras are my car of choice and will stick to that until the wheels fall off. That, or being able to splurge on myself one day and get a Range Rover black on black, holla!

This may seem very frowned upon, but hear me out. The month before I started at my current job I worked at a credit repair agency and they taught us in training never to pay debt collectors, not even to talk to them on the phone. The trick with the collectors is they often buy your info from companies who sell it to them and then they pass it on to another company who also bought your info so they can see about making that money honey! No thank you, not on my watch. The smarter thing to do is just not to let my shit go into collections and problem solved! Plus, that drops off your credit after, what, 7 or 9 years? Just saying.
Always a bridesmaid never the bride” is definitely a quote you won’t ever hear coming out of my mouth because guess what? I’ve never been a bridesmaid. I’m already 31 and if these heffas haven’t asked me to be in their wedding by now, then I rest my case and will happily use the money I would’ve spent on a ridiculous dress on something like a nice designer handbag.
Hell to the no! I am a night owl and that’s my middle name. Bella “The Night Owl” Ramos. I like how that sounds. Maybe I’ll make that my Facebook handle and see what kind of responses I get. Also, Vodka keeps me young sane.
I don’t know if men really are from Mars but they must be because these days men here in Texas take their sweet ol’ time to ask a girl out on a date. Not only that, but they really make you wanna shoot your eye out when they ask the famous question “Where could we go?” Motherfucker, do you not have a smart phone that you can google that shit? Why is it the woman’s duty all of a sudden to think of a place where we could go? What’s more frustrating is when you suggest a couple of places and they STILL don’t suggest anything! Grrr! Don’t even get me started when they suggest to come over to your place and you haven’t even met in person. No thanks, you are so lame and I need to go home and wash my hair. ‘Cuz ain’t nobody got time for dat!!! 
That my friends is the 7 things I just won’t do. What about y’all? What are somethings that you just knowyou won’t do?

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