5 Simple Ways to Proofread Your Blog

The other day I shared my confessions and one of them was about how I detest when a blogger I like to read has misspellings and grammatical errors. There’s nothing more alarming than to be reading a good blog post or article and find several errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. It may not be as alarming to most, but for me it’s pretty bothersome. I have a passion for writing and how people’s voices are conveyed through their craft so when I see an error, it distracts me from what they are trying to say. Not that I’m perfect and haven’t had my share of misspellings, but I usually catch it because I proofread like no tomorrow.

If people want to be taken seriously, they need to know that proofreading is the key to success, as DJ Khaled would say. I know not everyone is as passionate or patient enough or what have you, so here’s my 5 simple ways to proofread your blog and you’ll be forever thanked by my eyeballs and the rest of the internet. So you’re welcome!

Use tools to help you with your spellcheck
For my browser, I use Firefox and they have a setting that checks your spelling as you type and if there are any misspellings, it underlines it in red. When you right click it, it gives you the correct spelling or similar words.

Go to Firefox preferences > Advanced > Check box that says ‘Check my spelling as I type’.

Another tool to use is Grammarly. It has a browser extension you can also install so that you can use it as you go.

Less is always more
Before I publish, I always read over each paragraph and see how I can cut down a sentence to a few words that still share the same meaning. Sometimes I’m amazed how rearranging shorter words here and there can really help me with getting my point across.

Read aloud/Ask for help
It helps to read aloud so that you can make sure your message makes sense. I like to read it aloud to a friend and/or have them read it and give me their input or any errors they catch that I might’ve missed.

Let it simmer
It’s almost as if you’re making a big pot of soup and you need to let it simmer and cool off before you dig in or else you’ll burn your tongue off. Same thing with writing your post, come back to it after a few minutes or a day and you will see your content with fresh eyes.

Use your trusty dictionary
I use google because it’s technology. I’m a fan of double checking meaning of words to make sure the words I’m using make sense because if I don’t get it, then why would you?

How do you proofread your blog? Was this helpful?